Why fresh?

Did you know that the canning process robs fresh fruits and veggies of vast amounts of nutrients? For instance, in the process of canning mixed vegetables, the vitamin C loss can be as high as 67%. During the canning of tomato juice, up to 70% of the original folic acid can be lost. Most mamas work so hard to have a healthy pregnancy, loading up on fresh, healthy foods (after that nauseated first trimester, of course!) to ensure the best possible growth for their little bean. And so many of us work hard to breastfeed, whether or not it ends up being the right choice for the family, through pain and fatigue, because we feel it’s best for our babies. So why do we opt for food that’s often older than our babies when they’re ready for solids? Tiny Hungry purées are made from perfectly fresh, mostly organic fruits and vegetables (learn more about our organic choices here), and come frozen in one-ounce cubes. The freezing process maintains ingredients’ all-important nutrients and is quite convenient to boot!

Feeding baby fresh, flavorful, and natural baby food is no longer a matter of spending extra time planning, researching, shopping, steaming, roasting, puréeing, portioning, and freezing. It’s no longer an I-would-if-I-could. It’s a matter of Tiny Hungry!

Why flavor?

Why do we include fresh herbs and spices in our all-natural baby food? Do babies need these ingredients? Well, of course not! Just as babies don’t need peas or sweet potatoes, for example, to thrive, herbs and spices serve a different purpose in teaching your little one about food: palate development. During the purée phase, babies will eat (or at least try!) just about anything. But once toddler hits, the “neophobic response” sets in, and anything new is akin to sheer toddler torture (#assholeparent major). This leads to, out of sheer exhaustion and otherwise having zero clue what to do, let’s face it.. nuggets. Lots and lots of nuggets.

However, if you’ve been developing your little’s palate with fresh, flavorful ingredients from the get-go, that’s one less thing to worry about. And maybe, just maybe, one less toddler-specific dinner to make each night. A mama can dream, right?

Our ingredients

All of our ingredients are all-natural. We include no refined sugars or flours, opting always for alternatives with nutrients like maple syrup, coconut sugar, whole wheat flour, and no synthetic ingredients whatsoever. We know your toddler likes sugar (because, you know, he’s a toddler), but you can feel good knowing that our snacks are anything but empty calories!

How organic?

When we select our fresh ingredients, we opt for organic according to the EWG’s guide to pesticides in produce, known to most as the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen. Any ingredient in the first half of the list–the produce most laden with pesticides–will be organic. Anything in the second half of the list–the produce least laden with pesticides–might be conventional. We also always opt for local when available.

Ninja veggies

As much we’d all like to hand our kids a bag of cucumber sticks and let them munch on, sometimes it’s just not gonna happen. So we’ve co-opted the “hidden veggies” approach and include lots of healthy produce in our toddler snacks that they’d never suspect! Avocados in the muffins, spinach in the gummies–these veggies sneak into our recipes quietly, and you’d never otherwise know they’re there. This is why we call them Ninja Veggies! Any snack with “Ninja” in the title means, “Look at the ingredient list, mom! There’s something healthy in here that your toddler would never suspect!” We’d say you won, but we think this is a win all around, considering bubs is getting a healthy snack he loves, too!

Directions for serving

Keep frozen. Remove desired number of cubes from bag and thaw by refrigeration. Cubes can also be thawed in steaming bottle warmer or in microwave according to manufacturer’s directions. Do not microwave in bag. Heat food until smooth in texture and test for temperature before feeding. Add breastmilk, water, or formula to thin, if desired. Each cube is one fluid ounce. You can refreeze any unused food once, under a few conditions: 1) it was not contaminated with a used spoon and 2) it was kept refrigerated below 40º for no more than 48 hours and 3) it was not at room temperature for more than one hour.

Prepared on shared equipment that processes milk, wheat, soy, and treenuts.

Where to find us:

Tiny Hungry is based in Memphis, TN. We’re hoping to see you soon at local farmer’s markets around town! But for now, just get in touch, and we can discuss how to bring some fresh, flavorful baby food and toddler snacks into your life.

The Tiny Hungry Story

As much as we’d like to start the Tiny Hungry story with the original tiny hungry, Leo, we just can’t. It goes much further back.

The story starts years ago in Paris, a gratuitously romantic beginning to a sentence that in reality just sets the stage for working as a nanny, dragging a stroller up five flights of stairs, and constantly asking the women at crèche about how bébé pooped that day. Tiny Hungry grew as Cheryl discovered gourmet baby food blogs, years before Leo was even a twinkle in his father’s eye (wink, wink), and subscribed immediately, though she was Tiny Hungry-less. Then, of course, we find ourselves with a real, live, hungry babe, and a recipe developer and food photographer  mama who thinks almost nothing is as important as food and love.

We are licensed, insured, permitted, certified, and we make everything in a regularly inspected commercial kitchen. We cook all of our ingredients, even our herbs. You can rest easy, mom & dad!